6 Effective Business Team Practices a la Zumba

Some of my biggest revelations about business occur during those few moments I can pull myself away and get some exercise.

My latest “aha” moment came in Zumba class at my gym.   You see, I never had any formal training in dance (I don’t think nightclubs count). So when I discovered Zumba about 5 years ago, I was lost and a little embarrassed.  But I did it anyway.  And I’ve picked up as many moves as I can from the safety of the back row ever since.  And I love it.

Last Wednesday, from my perspective at the back of the room it dawned on me that this Zumba group highlights characteristics of a well-run business team.


 And here they are:

1. You need to, at all times, know which way is forward.  Everybody must move in the same relative direction.  Their coordinated effort leads to a final product, whether a fantastic routine or a phenomenal body.

2. Don’t step on each other’s toes.  Everyone needs space, literally and figuratively.  Giving your neighbor room to express their individuality in skill, in style and in pace shows respect…and ensures no collisions!

3. A good leader keeps everyone coming back. And trying hard.  And wanting more.

4. A cohesive group evolves together.  Each member starts with a different level of skill and confidence. Given time, practice and dedication everyone’s skill level goes up and the team can incrementally improve on the whole.

5. Individuals must be challenged to improve. There will always be someone better than you at some things.  Focus on your own strengths, but take on moves you never though possible (like the turn I finally got right!).  When you master a new skill, your confidence in taking on the next challenge will spike.

6. High-energy teams have a lot of fun. That positive energy is contagious and encouraging and leads to happiness in work and play.

Think it’s a stretch?  I’m not implying you take your team out to Zumba every week (although that may not be a bad idea!).  Consider your work environment. How productive is your team when all of these pieces are in place?  How happy are you?  Is work a place everyone wants to be?

Photo credit: Almaden Valley Athletic Club

6 Effective Business Team Practices a la Zumba

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  1. Suzanne -
    Thank you for sharing your latest business revelation…..
    Great timing to share with my PTO team after a successful

    Lorene November 8, 2013 at 11:09 am #
    • Suzanne Oehler

      Hi Lorene! Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear your fundraiser was a success. Anything in particular work well?

      Suzanne Oehler November 8, 2013 at 11:56 am #

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