An Education on Education?

Last year, my son’s first grade teacher was the teacher everyone hopes for – tough yet supportive, skilled at seeing the potential of and teaching to the needs of each child, and passionate about education.  These great teachers should be rewarded.

In public education, the contribution of great teachers and administrators is overshadowed by the lackluster educators perpetually enabled by the system.  Many criticize our public school system, but I’ve yet to see a movement to focus on bringing quality back into education.

It’s an overwhelming crisis, bolstered by many years of political posturing, PTA/parent organization gap-filling, parcel tax education funding, union negotiation, and the list goes on.    It’s time to empower educators.  It’s everyone’s responsibility to care about the failing public school system, because every child in our country deserves a chance to find their passion, get a degree and make a positive and rewarding contribution to our society.  And passionate educators deserve to be appreciated for the impact they have on the children they inspire.

I caught wind of Waiting for “Superman”, thanks to a friend who gave me the heads up about the Oprah Show this week (yes, I DVR it everyday in the hopes of sitting on the couch long enough to watch it at least once in a while).  This documentary about the critical state of public education has garnered support from the likes of  D.C. Education Chancellor Rhee to Bill Gates to John Legend.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to see the film yet, I will be there once it opens on October 8th in the SF Bay Area to see if it delivers on its promise (NY and LA viewers can check it out this weekend).   This may be the disruptive chronicle necessary to move communities to action, to stand in favor and in support of refreshing education.

For tickets, go to Fandango or

My impressions of the film to come…

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