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Social Causes & Nonprofits

Raise cause awareness and funding by up to 40%

Tech & For-profit Organizations

Open new markets & succeed with nonprofits & social causes
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Success Stories

Putting social media, crowdfunding and communication to work for good

What clients are saying...

"You are a phenomenal presenter - I left with really great tips, information and resources. THANK YOU!“
Jennifer Witte Jennifer Witte, Program Associate, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
Suzanne is a strategic thinker! She is able to hone her skills to create programs and approaches to increase public awareness and involvement around our organization's work. Her energetic style of leadership develops ideas into action. Constantly seeking avenues to expand our audiences, she uses social media and events to get our arts work front and center here in the Silicon Valley."
Lisa Gonzales Lisa Gonzales, Director (STEM), Santa Clara County Office of Education
"Suzanne is a high-energy leader who understands the on-the-ground dynamics of crowdfunding better than anyone I know. When it comes to harnessing the power of your volunteer supporters to help build awareness and support for your organization, Suzanne is the go-to person!"
Fundly_Dave_Boyce-304 Dave Boyce, CEO, Fundly
Suzanne effectively and consistently implements online fundraising tools to create new revenue for schools and nonprofits. She knows her clients and she knows technology and she brings them together online. Our partnership with Suzanne has not only yielded new customers for our platform, but also contributed to the roll out of new and improved features.”
Lisa Bennett Lisa Bennett, Director of Sales, DoJiggy